Our company has been assisting in network NFT gaming and blockchain projects since 2017, we are ceded in Lisbon capital of Portugal Europe, where we have already collaborated with Satoshi Games, titans, among others.

We all have a special affection with the universe of the monsters and our proposal to bring this in a metaverse so that everyone can interact in the network, building their own virtual and autonomous world, integrating people and bringing fun, joy and passive income to people's homes.


At Scary Doors game each door NFT is an portal to a metaverse for play to earn by scary games. The door work like an land and is the territory for the production of the screams that in certain level to generate scary tokens to the monster owner. As a door NFT owner you will be able to create an scary scenario Metaverse build and controled by the door owner. As for an monster, more funny is your metaverse more scare can be to the monster! Every time an monster knock at your door and squeeze to inside of your metaverse the door owner receive 10% of monsters rewards, as the best way to take a part from this play to earn game and generate passive income just by holding the door nft. Doors can be trades on market place.
100 doors will be released at market by time till reach 300 unique doors, all digital arts are reserved rigths for Imagine Virtual Studios pt. 

The objective of the game is to be able to scare the inhabitants of the metaverse of the doors NFT holders, acquiring experience and during the lifetime of the monster NFT he will be able to generate more and more rewards, each scare has a level of production of scary tokens ranging from 1 to 10 tokens per match, and not all scares can be successful, NTF doors are a portal to another world that can be customized one by one creating the scene for monster-to-monster battles in the future that can ble played in VR, also generating passive income to the creator of the scene owner of the NFT holder. 


Only an Monster NFT holder have the key for all NFT doors at Scary Doors Metaverse, by clicking Enter an door, the pulley system will select randomly one NFT door to interact, till reach all doors and restart, the scare level will be calculate by an odds calculator integrated with Chailink VRF this will interact to the smart contract to generates an amount of scary tokens that can be from 1 to 10 units.

As each monster is an unique piece of art NFT our drawings are made one by one by Portuguese and European artists, this special NFT keep growing on experience by enter doors, how more experience is an monster there will be more chance to the scare be successfull and also increase the scare level bringing more rewards for the player and doors onwer with all metadata integrated to opensea.io.
The monster can go through 5 doors daily for free, after this the monster must recovery his energies, after 24 hours he has enough energy to scare again, the monster owner or renter can also buy energy with scary tokens SCY to keep scaring.

After 100 successfull scares niv up till level 500

Each level up rewards the owner with 10 Scary tokens, the monster always level up inside the door metaverse generating passive income to the NFT holder.

By level up, the monster holder receives rewards in scary tokens as is necessary to level up in order to be able to give birth to an new monster by generation of an egg, each monster owner can claim for free an egg NFT after
reunited all the conditions for it (coming soon). An monster will be able to give an egg in an cicle of 3 months generating a new and unique monster NFT.

The monster NFT can be sold on market place or even can be part of lending program for others players who don’t have an monster by a fixed bnb price, can join the battle arena the rented monster, comming soon.


the purpose of the conception of the game is based on generating income, and can be through: The commercialization of the only and exclusive NFTs that are designed one by one by real artists of a European agency, By Passive income through the Doors NFT which will be visited daily by various monsters or, By renting monster NFT or also play to earn, as both the owner of the monster and who rents it for battle receive rewards.
Based on the liquidity of our SCY Token, the value of the token as well as the rewards will be very fat, all NFT purchases and interactions generate 5% liquidity for our system so the greater the number of players the more valuable the rewards


the level of fright and rewards are calculated and distributed as follows:
. min 1 token max 10 tokens
level 1 minimun frigthness 1 SCY token
level 2 low frigthness 1,0002 to 2 SCY token
Level 3 medium frigthness 2,0002 to 3 SCY token
level 4 nice frigthness 3,0003 to 5 SCY token
level 5 huge frigthness 5,0005 to 10 SCY token

All users and members will have same early acess to the token whitelist just by holding one NFT.


Each door works in a land way, which will be customized by each playermaking it a unique scene for the monster to go scare or serve as the stage for battle between monsters. Every battle or scare generate SCY
tokens where the owner of the NFT door receives 10% of all rewards in their territory, soon in VR.

only 300 exclusive doors will be mint. That will be the pass for passive income and for the creation of your own metaverse for vr players vs players in the near future.


150 of this doors NFT´s will generate passive income in cake, this reward is exclusive for the nft holder, the holder will receive a fraction of 1`*150 of the 300 cake´s pool that will open for a period of 300 days 150 of this doors NFT´s will generate passive income in cake, this reward is exclusive for the nft holder, the holder will receive a fraction of 1`*150 of the cake pool open for a period of 300 days.


150 of this doors NFT´s will generate passive income in cake, this reward is exclusive for the nft holder, the holder will receive a fraction of 1`*150 of the 25000 Jaw´s pool open for a period of 300 days beggining fro the game start, By staking the nft to receive 10% SCY on scares of the monsters also a share of the Jaws pool.


there will be initials 300 monsters, new monsters will be onmarketplace till reach 1000, then no more monster will be mint, only new monsters will appear after an monster holder give an birth for another monster that can be used for lending, play or sell. As each monster is unique, this special nft keep growing on experience by enter at the doors more experience is an monster more chance to the scare be successful generating more rewards.


The monster can go through 5 doors daily for free, after this he musT recovery after 24 hours he has enough energy to scary again, or the monster owner can also buy energy to keep scaring


Each level up receives rewards as is necessary to be able to hatchling, a monster can give an egg in an cicle of 3 months. Monsters owners also can put the nft on marketplace for sell or rent to others players use on battlefield!


Battlefield will be created to player vs player and future of the game in vr to battle, farming and also to enter the doors metaverse.


Farming Game at the Monsters Metaverse To be anounced!


We delivery the Best Rewards System, For it more than half of the supply of our tokens will be locked at our rewards pool, benefits for the early nft holders with whitelist access privilege and exclusive access to the rewards pool, as more you hold more are the benefits increasing in number and value of yours assets, like all the economy in the game will be based on Scary tokens,for buy energy, to figth, as well all the assets on the farm game will be trade on scary tokens.



100.000.000,00 de scary tokens total

50.000.000,00 rewards pool (50%)

5.000.000,00 ido (5%)

5.000.000,00 private sell (5%)

10.000.000,00 public sell (10%)

10.000.000,00 cex hot wallet (10%)

5.000.000,00 Second Reward wallet (5%)

15.000.000,00 pancakeswap (15%)

7% buy and sell tax explained:

3% buy tax to Second Reward wallet for buy back power and increase rewards pool.
(Automatic Contract Feature For one reward wallet increase the number of tokens on our primary Rewards Pool increasing in number of tokens and as well the value of the token)

2% buy tax to holders wallet increasing and encouraging the number of holders of the token.

2% buy tax to reward´s pool.

Fund manager for marketing 200,000,00$


to be announced soon


to be announced soon


» Q1 02 - 2021

Game concept and team brainstorming, ofice conception.

» Q2 04 - 2021

Monsters creation and site development

» Q3 07 - 2021

Office and hardware improvements

» 08-2021

Testing, developing and nft creations

» 09-2021

Nfts public sell

10-09 Certick audit

» Q4 11-2021

Token ido - token private sell

» 12-2021

Beta version of the game open for the first NFT holders
Token private public sell
Dex listing

» Q1

» 01-2022

Game release

Cex listing

» 02-2022

Hatching market place open

» Q2

» 06-2022

Door metaverse expansion

Farm Game release

Vr game player vs player

» Q3

» 08-2022

Top Cex listing

» Q4

Automata Monster All in one Gate De-Fi 


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